On 5th April after the presentation by Danaos Corporation, SNAME NTUA held its annual elections for the new executive committee, who will take over the new academic year 2017-2018. This year we had 5 candidates and four of them elected to the new SNAME NTUA EC. Lydia Kougioumoutzaki who is in her 4th year of studies and current secretary/treasurer of our student section was elected as chairwoman while Theodoros Kardaras and Pavlos Karagiannidis from 4th year too were elected as Vice-Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer respectively. Also Panagiotis Samaras who is in the 2nd year of his studies will be serving as Operations Officer.

It was a pleasure to have such an interesting discussion about the future of SNAME NTUA with all attendants during the elections and hear their views on our section,

The outgoing executive committee pledges its outmost support and gives its best wishes for the upcoming executive committee.

From lefto to right: Kardaras Theodoros, Kougioumoutzaki Lydia, Karagiannidis Pavlos, Samaras Panagiotis