SNAME NTUA is welcoming the new academic season with some fascinating news. We will be exhibiting SNAME's NTUA activities and promoting SNAME's mission at the "Researchers' Night 2018" this Friday the 28th of September, at the historic Averof building of NTUA's Architecture school.

The "European Researchers' Night" is a Europe wide public and open event aims to raise awareness about research, dispel stereotypes about researchers and entice young people to take up a research career in the future. We will try to support this noble goal by promoting SNAME's actions and activities that combine the passion to earn and share knowledge with the social interaction and the development of global cooperation on the field of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

We would like to kindly ask our members to visit the event and why not, offer some volunteering work, in order to represent SNAME NTUA on the best possible way in this great event. Those intrested on volunteering please fill in this form .

We will be glad to see you all there!