Each year, the final Friday of September, European Researchers’ Night, takes place in approximately 300 cities all over Europe, under the European’s Commission program: Horizon 2020 ‘SΗERIF - reSearcH is sERIous Fun.

European Researchers’ Night is an open science event that makes science and the work of scientists familiar to audiences all over Europe. Over the course of the day and throughout the night, children, adolescents, adults, older people, students and entrepreneurs can get to know more about science through workshops, meetings with researchers, lectures and laboratory visits.

This year, in our country, the event took place at Friday 28th and was held in Thessaloniki, Patra, Heraklion, Larisa, Rethimno and of course in Athens at the neoclassical building Averof, of the National Technical Univeristy of Athens where SNAME participated.

More precisely it lasted from 5pm to 12am and was supported by a great amount of visitors that had the chance to get informed about the characteristics of academic research as well as the actions of the student groups that were involved. The participating groups were separated at the thematic categories of Research and Education, Employment and Innovation and Development and Prosperity, depending on their structure and purpose. Considering our representation, 5 student members from NTUA, volunteered to help with the set up and the information of the public, about the philosophy and the actions of the Greek Section and SNAME in general. Many people and mostly students, showed great interest at the words that our volunteers shared with them and for sure they considered the profession of the Naval Architect and Marine Engineer a potential path for their careers.

Finally, such initiatives, give universities the chance to adopt a more interactive character, spread the magic of research and innovation and cultivate the spirit of science, affecting positively young people. As SNAME members we feel very proud that we were a part of that event and we would like to thank all the participants as well as the organizers for their actions and support.