SNAME's Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient 2017- Theodoros Kardaras


About: Theodoros Kardaras was born and raised in Pyrgos, Elias. Theodoros started his undergraduate studies on Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in the end of 2013. From the very first years, he was one of the most loyal followers and members of SNAME, having attended a variety of technical meeting and presentations, both of SNAME Greek Professional and Student Section. Since April 2017, Theodoros has been serving as Vice-Chair of SNAME NTUA Greek Student Section. In October 2017, He participated the SNAME Maritime Convention (SMC) 2017 where he was recognized as a SNAME’s Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient. Moreover, Theodoros was elected from the Student Congress as Vice-Chair of Student Steering Committee 2018 and in the upcoming year he is due to serve SNAME once again, this time from a different position. As far as his work experience is concerned, Theodoros had an internship at Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd where he gained a great amount of practical knowledge and experience and took a taste of Structural Design , Class Requirements and Shipyard Practise.

Letter of Appreciation: After coming to Athens from Pyrgos, to start my studies in the end of 2013, I was full of desire to get in touch with people, as passionate of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering as me. That was the time when SNAME showed up in my university life. The attendance of our section’s presentations and technical meetings gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about my profession that helped me understand in depth how marine engineering operates. Moreover, I had the chance to meet and speak with very important and influential professionals , who were very helpful and willing to advise me concerning my studies and professional views. Additionally , SNAME being an international organization gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of members from all over the globe, which encouraged me to think out of the box and highlighted the global character of our profession. This is a really rare experience to be acquired and I am very grateful of SNAME for giving me this chance. I honestly believe that the international character of this society describes precisely the nature of our profession itself by offering connections and professional assistance from members worldwide with a lot of experience. As a result of all the above, in December 2015 , I had the honor to meet Dr Ioannis Tigkas, at SNAME’s Young Professional Panel, and in June 2016 he gave me the chance to work beside him and his team through an internship, at Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd. Moreover, this year’s SNAME Maritime Convention was special to me personally, as I had the honor to be recognized as an Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient and later be elected as the new Vice-Chair of SSC 2018 by the Student Congress, at the SSC Elections. This gives me the chance to further serve SNAME and its student members, on an international level.

I would really like to express my thankfulness to SNAME for this honor. SNAME’s Undergraduate Scholarship gives me strong financial help to achieve my goals. Beyond that, it is really important for me to be recognized with a Scholarship by a board with so many important and influential professionals such as SNAME’s Scholarship Committee, not only for my academic performance but also for my services to the SNAME Student Body and my dedication as SNAME Member. To conclude, as Vice-Chair of both SNAME NTUA and SSC, I am willing to share the knowledge and experience I have gained through the years. My vision is to spread the idea of global exchange of knowledge around the maritime industry, and to expand and strengthen the SNAME Student Body by highlighting the importance and the benefits of a SNAME Membership. Μy main goal is to maintain SNAME as an example of volunteering, commitment, excellence and knowledge sharing with humble respect for SNAME’s history and services.