Konstantinos Sardelis:

Over the past summer, as part of Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd summer internship program, I was provided with the opportunity to work for three months at the technical department as a trainee fleet technical coordinator. During this period, I gained a lot, so I consider it important to share a part of this experience with SNAME community of fellow students.

Working in a company such as Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd, a NYSE listed company operating under high standards is a remarkable experience as itself. There is a high level of technical knowledge as the majority of employees has university education and plenty of experience on their field. Furthermore, there is full cooperation, communication, transparency and solidarity among workers. The company’s profile is environmentally friendly and it promotes this behavior both in any part of the work. Moreover, safety issues are really important for Danaos as there is a “zero accident policy”. Finally, the management of the company is in every way trying to promote friendly relations between employees, by organizing sailing weekends and outdoor activities, while at the same time it wishes in all ways continuous training and education by technical presentations, seminars, technical bulletins and guidance from senior to junior employees.

In my case, I was fortunate to work in technical department. From the first day, there were colleagues who were serious about me, they guided me and tried to make this experience as profitable as possible for me in both knowledge and experience. Sincerely I have to admit that it was my first time on a corporate environment with tight deadlines, multitasking jobs and challenges from the first minute of the day until the end of working hours. On a daily basis the job would vary from the organization of class and statutory certificates & surveys, study of lubricant and fuel oil analysis, arrangements of repairs and attendances on board, costs analysis and breakdown, management of safety items on board, monitoring of fleet performance, follow up of fleet recommendations and pending jobs, spare parts requisitions management and PMS forms evaluation and update.

The most positive thing I can note from the activities that I was called to carry out was the fleet day to day monitoring and problem solving. This task allowed me to understand the needs of a real vessel on a daily but also on a long-term basis. I realized the complexity of a ship subsystems and their interaction with the crew, who are often called to make decisions under stress, while living in an environment constantly variable such as that of the open sea. In fact, an event that I believe helped me to understand the reality of the job was a problem in one of the fleet’s vessels main engine. The actions of the fleet were immediate, as the Fleet Manager attended the vessel as soon as possible, accompanied with a maker’s specialist. They worked throughout the night during vessels port stay and until the next day the problem has been rectified. With the return to the office, we began the study of the root cause analysis and the direct procedures were set to avoid the event on this or on sister vessels in the future.

Last but not least in Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd through the academy and the seminars that took place, I managed to get a deal of new knowledge about Maritime Resource Management and to understand the importance of correct use of available resources, both human and materialistic, and also the severity of the decisions which are taken on board during crisis.

Overall, I believe that every day was a lesson. Surely the whole experience will be unforgettable and I recommend it to anyone who can have this opportunity.

Dimitrios Vekios:

After a demanding and intensive application procedure, I was selected to intern at Lomar Shipping in London under the Libra Internship Program from January to May 2018. I attended an orientation week in New York that included workshops and presentations. Then, I moved to London where I worked at the company for 4 months. During my internship I had the opportunity to be part of the operations and technical departments of Lomar. Specifically, I:

 Prepared dry-docking & repairs specifications.

 Updated and reviewed PMS forms.

 Created guides for understanding and analysing fuel oil and lubricating oil analysis, after conducting research on possible origins for metals found in the oil analysis.

 Calculated the specific lubricating oil consumption of vessels.

 Reviewed budget reports.

 Completed voyage, time-charter estimations andlaytime calculations.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to be mentored by accredited professionals and to cooperate with them. Finally, I found the time to visit some of the top universities in London and meet and discuss with other students. Overall, this internship was a great experience and a reality check for my future career.