Vessels' Monitoring - Developing Newbuilding Projects, PRESENTATION


This is the report for our presentation about “Monitoring the condition of existing vessels and Developing New Building Projects”

On December 12, 2018 SNAME’s NTUA Greek Student Section had the honor to host at the amphitheatre of multimedia in NTUA’s Library, Mr Antonios Georgantzis, Technical Manager at CONSOLIDATED MARINE MANAGEMENT Inc. of the Latsis Group, where he gave a speech about “Monitoring the condition of existing vessels and Developing New Building Projects”.

At the beginning, Mr. Georgantzis illustrated the structure of CMM and how it’s divided into several departments. He then went into more details about how the technical department is separated into fleets and the general subdivision of a fleet. Another interesting part of his introductory speech was the consistency of the new building team.

Moreover he analyzed the key responsibilities of the technical department. Starting from the technical matters related to performance, maintenance and repairs of the ship, he mentioned that through tracking the performance of consumption for instance, there can be identified a possible problem and as a result, its solution can be achieved. The technical department is also responsible for the compliance of the vessel’s machinery operation with the latest regulations as well as for all the certificates concerning the class. Additional responsibilities of the technical department are the surveys and the dry-dockings, as Mr. Georgantzis mentioned. He then explained to the attendees how they monitor the Planned Maintenance System (PMS), concluding that his department is in general responsible for the vessels’ attendances, inspections and the condition monitoring and reporting.

He thereupon referred to the development of new building projects, giving some examples of their completed projects since 1999. Shortly after that, he analyzed the several phases that a new building project requires. His main focus was on the construction and delivery, as the construction is the most time consuming phase of the entire procedure. A very interesting part of his presentation was the explanation of the testing procedures as well as the trials of the vessels. Since his company focuses mainly in LPGs, the gas trial is essential for this type of vessel. At the end of his presentation he demonstrated the company’s achievements throughout the years.

Overall, it was a great presentation, clarifying important issues that most of the aspiring naval architects have in mind and as SNAME’s NTUA Greek Student Section we are really pleased that Mr. Georgantzis came in NTUA and offered his knowledge. Of course we are even happier that the attendance of the students was above expectations and we plan to keep our course with more presentations and actions in general.