Technologies & Data in Shipping, PRESENTATION


This is the report for our presentation about “Technologies & Data in Shipping”

On Tuesday the 19th of March, SNAME-NTUA had the pleasure to host three professionals from Signal Maritime, during a presentation about Technology and Data in shipping. The speakers were Ms. Semiramis Assimakopoulou (VP of Sales & Chartering Officer), Mr. Kostis Chatzimichalis (VP of Data Science Engineering) and Ms. Stella Malle (HR Lead, HRBP).

Signal Maritime, has developed a really innovative program that uses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Microservises and Cloud Computing, in order to simplify the commercial management of ships. The company is responsible for the commercial management of 11 ships and in addition, provides its platform to other shipping companies.

During the presentation, Ms. Assimakopoulou explained the procedure of chartering, as well as the parts involved in it (charterers, brokers and ship-owners). She referred at the market reports (every day reports, through which owners can have a perception of the market and charter their vessels), the TCΕ Estimation (estimation of a vessel’s profit for a single trip), as well as at the importance of safe itineraries in terms of company advertising.

After this introduction, students had the chance to see a live demonstration of the platform and discuss about several examples of its usage.

Mr. Chatzimichalis, referred at the ability of the platform (that himself and his team developed), to collect the necessary information from a big amount of emails and analyze it properly. The platform has a few different tools such as the Tonnage List (a list of available ships during a specific time and place), TCE and Distance Tool.

Ms. Assimakopoulou also explained how the program works under the practice of another shipping company. As an external user, in addition to the above mentioned a company can also keep track of its fleet, by a stigma sent every 5-10 minutes from each ship and keep a record for each one of her vessels.

At the end of the presentation, Ms. Malle discussed with the students, about the prospects of a career path in the commercial field of the maritime business.

The E.C. of SNAME-NTUA is really glad for the students’ great presence, considering their attendance and interest and would really like to thank Signal Maritime for the presentation, as well as Red Bull, for its kind provision.