Performance Monitoring & New Technologies, PRESENTATION


This is the report for our presentation about “Performance Monitoring & New Technologies”

On Thursday the 19th of December 2019, SNAME-NTUA had the pleasure to host Mr. Stavros Papageorgiou, Operational Technology & Energy Manager at Latsco Marine Management Inc.

Mr. Papageorgiou started his presentation by giving us some information about Latsco Marine Management and ended his introduction with some information about his department.

The first aspect that we got into was the standardization about energy management and performance, closing this part of the presentation with what the company’s policy is for improving energy efficiency. Performance is a factor that is constantly gaining more attention by our industry and as the industry is changing so do the shipping companies thus adopting practises and measures about monitoring and improving the performance. We then proceeded to see the energy saving devices used for ships such as the Mewis Duct.

Another important issue that Mr. Papageorgiou included in his presentation are the fuels used in maritime industry. More precisely he focused on clean fuel technology such as dual fuel engines and ammonia-powered engines with a more extended conversation about other fuels and equivalent technology. We were impressed to learn that in the near future we will have ammonia-powered engines for ships.

After the conversation about fuels and the new technology concerning those, our speaker focused on monitoring the performance which included monitoring the lubricating oil as well as new technology and new designs leading to a discussion about EU MRV (Monitor, Reporting and Verification) and IMO DCS (Data Collection System). EU MRV is about monitoring CO2 emissions while IMO DCS is about monitoring consumption.

All the aforementioned are a quick sum of what Mr. Papageorgiou’s department is dealing with and he concluded his presentation by explaining to us what skills are necessary for a young naval architect and marine engineer to follow a career in department about performance and new technologies.

Following the end of the presentation we had a discussion about the systems Latsco Marine Management uses along with some examples and our speaker was more than eager to answer all of our questions thus leading to a very successful and interesting event.

We would like to thank Mr. Papageorgiou for his presentation and all the participants that filled the I2 auditorium.