Sname Maritime Convetion 2017 Report


The SNAME NTUA delegation at SNAME Maritime Convention in Houston, TX

The seven students of SNAME NTUA who attended the SMC 2017 were:
Lydia Kougioumoutzaki ( SNAME NTUA Chairwoman)
Theodoros Kardaras ( SNAME NTUA Vice-Chairman)
Pavlos Karagiannidis (SNAME NTUA Secretary/Treasurer)
Panagiotis Samaras (SNAME NTUA Operations Officer)
Dimitris Georgiadis ( SNAME NTUA member since 2013)
Konstantinos Sardelis (SNAME NTUA member since 2014)
Padeleimon Galetakis (SNAME NTUA member since 2015)

The students followed a schedule which combined the events of the Student Program Schedule and the general conference schedule. Some highlights are as follows:

Technical Presentations and Volunteering
During the SMC four of eight students in the SNAME NTUA delegation volunteered as assistant moderators by managing the audience participation collecting feedback and data, monitoring questions and answers during the post Q and A periods and maintaining time schedules among other duties during presentations of SNAME papers, T&R sessions etc. The Greek volunteers of SNAME NTUA were: Lydia Kougioumoutzaki, Panagiotis Samaras, Konstantinos Sardelis and Padelis Galetakis. All of us, we attended the technical presentations and interesting technical sessions as well as panel discussions which we had difficulty choosing as the list was really diverse. The most remarkable presentations for us dealing with welding problems such as backside burn during welding outfitting equipment and stress concentration around the welding area. We also dealt with construction problems and calculations using finite elements as well as innovative design ways such as 3D visualization and modeling, modern construction, survey equipment such as laser scanning which greatly simplifies the process and ensures safety and quality. Moreover we participated in panels about CFD and optimization techniques in ship design , where we realized the importance of computational methods . Also we took part in discussion concerning Big Data analytics and risk management techniques and their applications in the maritime industry, especially in vetting and in safety.

Throughout the three days of the SMC, the students were able to visit the exposition hall where over 60 companies related to the maritime industry displayed information related to their company’s activities.

The highlight of the first day was the student design competition, where students from several SNAME sections worldwide mixed and teamed up in order to create a small boat made of simple every day materials given to them by the organizers. The race challenge had two rounds. Almost 90 students participated forming 9 teams. One of our delegates, Padelis Galetakis and Giannis Chalaris (Chairman of SNAME TEI Greek Student section) won the third and first place respectively with their team competing in terms of vessel speed and damage stability condition. Their team designed a catamaran-like boat with a paddle wheel propulsion system, all of which was made of plastic bottles, cardboard box, wooden sticks and a glue gun as their ‘’welding equipment’’.

The day started with a Topical Breakfast, where a Topic is presented after or during the breakfast by usually an acknowledged professional. Then we focused on the technical program and attended several presentations based on our interests. Later that day we had time to visit the Expo. Also the student program consisted of a Job fair. An event mostly addressed to students interested in internships in the US. It was undoubtedly beneficial for us to know what qualifications are required by the international labor market. Also a student industry roundtable session was held on the same day, where students had the opportunity to discuss with professionals and SNAME officers about several topics based on their interests. At the evening we attended the Annual SNAME Banquet where our Vice-chairman, Theodoros Kardaras was awarded an undergraduate Scholarship award.

The third day also started with a Topical Breakfast followed by the Student Microsite Competition and the SSC elections, where Theodoros Kardaras will be serving as the Vice chairman of the SSC 2018. At the end of the day we all attended the President’s Luncheon which was the closing event for the day. That day was notable for our section because the Greek section was honored as a Super Section for another consecutive year, our student members were awarded and earned cash prizes and an Undergraduate Paper honor Prize was given to Dimitris Georgiadis for his paper ‘’ Conversion of an oil Tanker into FPSO: Strength and Reliability Assessment’’. After the awards ceremony we said our farewells with our friends hoping to meet them again and thanked all those who helped organize such a great conference and all those who helped participate in it.

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