Sname Maritime Convetion 2018 Report


The SNAME NTUA delegation at SNAME Maritime Convention in Providence, RI

This year’s S.M.C. (Sname Maritime Convention) was held at the Convention Center of Providence, Rhode Island, celebrating the 125th anniversary of SNAME, between the 24th and 27th of October. As every year, the convention was full of events and technical presentations, making the participants more than satisfied about its content.

The Greek Section had a very strong participation on the convention, considering the number of students that attended (12 and 11 with partial funding), as well as the performance and the awards of the entire NTUA-Team. Precisely the attendees were, with a priority order according to specific selection criteria:
Samaras Panos (SNAME NTUA Chairman)
Papadopoulos Menelaos (SNAME MTUA Vice-Chairman)
Theodore Kardaras (SSC Vice-Chairman)
Dimitris Vekios (Undergraduate Scholarship recipient)
Dimitris Georgiadis (Graduate Scholarship recipient)
Pavlos Karagiannidis (SNAME NTUA member)
Dimitra Anevlavi (SNAME NTUA member)
Irida Bournia (SNAME NTUA member)
Stella Polykarpou (SNAME NTUA member)
Dimitris Vavatsikos (SNAME NTUA member)
Minoas Kypriadis (SNAME NTUA member)
Dimitra Karamolegkou (SNAME NTUA member)

The program of the convention included many events from which technical sessions proved to be the most popular among students. During these sessions, several topics were approached by an academic or industrial point of view, by recognized professors or professionals respectively. Some remarkable topics had to do with the upcoming environmental regulations Sulphur Cap 2020, and particularly with LNG as an alternative fuel, its benefits, risks, pros and cons. Other issues addressed, were 3D-Scanning, which is a promising new technology that helps significantly in the visualization of the ship’s spaces. Apart from those, the convention offered some more academic presentations dealing with Hydrodynamics, Fluid-structure Interaction, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Boundary Element Methods(BEM) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Moreover, issues such as how the Roughness of the Ship’s Hull affects the Required Freight Rate due to increased resistance, as well as the Interaction of Ships with Wind providing a resistance analysis and future possibilities, were of course interesting. Apart from the technical sessions, the students had the ability to visit the Expo-Hall, a big Hall filled with a range of exhibitors-stands, covering every inch of the industry’s spectrum. Companies provided students with optimizations and innovations in different elements, such as pipes, plates, anodes, cyber risk management systems, even shaft bearings lubricated by water and augmented reality platforms for crew training.

The program also included several activities such as the student design competition. There, students from several SNAME sections worldwide were mixed and teamed up in order to build a small boat made of simple materials such as cans, cartons, sticks and glue. The goal was to make it sail in a small plastic pool with a small ventilator blowing it. This year approximately 120 students were separated to diverse teams, competing each other and making the student design competition the most successful students’ event of the convention. The organizing was done by Theodore Kardaras from NTUA team.

Generally, students from NTUA participated at all the conference’s events (Students - Industry roundtable, Job Fair, Students Congress -Elections - Microsite competition, Students Social Event, Sessions and Banquets), making the Greek section, one of the strongest among the others. This was also confirmed by the great Professor of NTUA Apostolos Papanikolaou, who made very encouraging comments for the Section’s presence.

Dr. Papanikolaou was also awarded by SNAME for his work and contribution and obviously the entire section was there to applaud him.

Almost all the students representing the section, showed great interest to support the smooth operation of the convention, by volunteering as assistants moderators (managing the audience participation collecting feedback and data, monitoring questions and answers during the post Q and A periods and maintaining time schedules among other duties during presentations of SNAME papers, T&R sessions etc.), or at the front desk, topical breakfast etc.

-1st position at the Students’ Microsite Competition
NTUA won the annual site design competition, competing among all the other SNAME student sections from around the world.
-3rd position at the student design competition from Menelaos Papadopoulos’ & Dimitris Vekios’ Team.
-4th position at the student design competition from Dimitris Vavatsikos’ Team.
-Pavlos Karagiannidis's election as the Electronic Media Chairman at the elections of the new Students’ Steering Committee (Global Committee for students)
-Dimitris Vekios received an Undergraduate Scholarship.
-Eleni Kourkouliotou received a Graduate Scholarship.
-Dimitris Georgiadis received the Watlter M. & Doris H. Maclean Scholarship (Graduate Scholarship)